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Graduate Class-Fall 2008

Are You A Seeker?
Do You Feel Stuck in You Life?
Do You Want To Heal Trauma and Emotional Pain?
Do You Want To Work in a Holistic Therapy Field?

Our BioDynamic Breathwork Practitioner Training is coming up September 25-November 14. This process is created with a lot of care and attention to detail. Even though you read "Practitioner Training" in the name, this process is also a full-on experiential personal exploration extended group. If you are at the point of your life where you feel like you are stuck or need healing change, or a seeker who wants to know yourself more deeply, this process is for you. BioDynamic Breathwork will take you higher and deeper than you have ever gone in your life. It is the quickest and most direct way to know yourself and empower yourself, as well as support others on their healing journey.
Our signature BioDynamic Breathwork Practitioner Training is sturctured in 6 weekend workshops and is a certification training. You will learn through your personal experience how to work with Breath and Active Meditations, Counseling, Supporting Emotional Release, Healing Trauma, Facilitating Rebirthing Sessions and Conscious Dance processes, and much more. We invite you to visit our website  so you can learn more about how this training is structured. We are offering a limited number of partial scholarships. please give us a call to see if you qualify. This is a training for a vibrant life!




ENERGY OF BREATH INSTITUTE'S 300-hour Certified BioDynamic Breathwork Practitioner Training
is a broad-spectrum experiential training, and is the only breath training program in New York.

Breathwork is a body-oriented therapeutic approach which efficiently and effectively releases trauma and tension from the body, and promotes a profound state of wellbeing and expanding consciousness. People who do this work all report experiencing deep healing and feeling more integrated and grounded in their lives.

Energy of Breath Institute Curriculum

Fall 2009 Training - September 25 - November 15, 2009

Energy Of Breath Institute’s BioDynamic Breathwork Practitioner Training is an experiential certification course divided into a 3-part semester, offered twice a year. The training is accredited via the American Association for Drugless Practitioners (

This comprehensive training covers Bioenergetics, Supporting Emotional Release, Relationship Counseling, Reichian Body Types, Breathwork in the water (Rebirthing), Breath and Dance Journeys, Bodywork for Breathwork, Practice and Theory on giving breath sessions, and Osho Active Meditations Training.

The BioDynamic Breathwork Practitioner Training TM consists of:

  • 15 day-long workshops (5 per each part) (160 hours)
  • 1 week-long Costa Rica Retreat (95 hours) is an optional Special Skills Training
  • 10 weekly varying Osho Active and Conscious Dance Meditations  (15 hours)
  • 21 day cycle of Osho Dynamic Meditation (25 hours)
  • 4 Breath sessions with Giten & Rohi (4th session is evaluation session)  (9 hours)
  • Minimum of 20 hours of breath session exchanges with classmates
  • Workshops with guest teachers
  • Supervision and coaching hours
Part I
Five day-long weekend workshops, 10-11 hours each, covering Introduction to Breathwork and Anatomy of Breath, and exploration of the armoring of the body, by body segments. Experiential learning includes fundamentals of Grounding Work and Bioenergetic exercises, group processes, and Breath Sessions. Also includes self exploration through Breath and Dance and a 21-day cycle of Osho Dynamic Meditation, as well as Aquabreath Rebirthing sessions in water.

Part II

Five day-long weekend workshops, 10-11 hours each. Explore the interconnection between breath patterns and physical, mental and emotional tension and how to recognize and support emotional and trauma release in the breath session. Learn about the connection between sexuality, relating, and breath, and learn how to structure an 8-Session Breath Series. Experience the basics of Systemic and Family Constellations.

Part III
Five day-long workshops, 10-11 hours each, covering experiential learning about the 5 Reichian body types and how to approach them in Breath Sessions, and learn how to facilitate Active Meditations. Examine the connection between food and emotions, and how to support expanding personal awareness through whole nutrition. Learn Bodywork Techniques to support Breath Sessions, explore birth, conception, and death through breathwork, and enjoy Celebration and Meditation through Music and Dance. Part III culminates in an 8-day Costa Rica Retreat where you will work with breath in the water (Aqua Breath and Rebirthing). This retreat will also include a Shamanic Journey with a guest teacher. This retreat is an optional special skills training offered once a year in December.

Who is this training for?
The BioDynamic Breathwork Practitioner Training is especially beneficial for massage therapists, bodyworkers, yoga and Pilates instructors, personal trainers, and psychotherapists, nurses and other healers and holistic practitioners who are interested in expanding their practice to include breathwork.
This course is open to everyone wishing to participate as it is also an experiential course and can be used as a personal growth and transformational process.
If you are new to the healing and therapy fields, we recommend that you approach this training as a platform for personal development and return for further study with us as an intern for our next semester. You will have the opportunity to complete the course again at half the tuition cost, plus participate in our BioDynamic Breathwork Practitioner Supervision Program.

Rohi Custage
M.A., HHC, Co-Director of Energy Of Breath Institute, is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Breath Therapist, as well as Meditation Coach, Reiki Master, and Breathing Dance Troupe Director.

Giten Tonkov
LMT, Co-Director of Energy Of Breath Institute, is a Certified Breath Therapist and Meditation Coach, as well as Licensed Massage Therapist.

Carlo Praful Saracino
Guest Teacher from Italy, is a Meditation Coach and Certified Breath Therapist and world renowned Systemic and Family Constellations Therapist and group leader.


Part I
Friday, Saturday, Sunday September 25, 26 & 27
Saturday, Sunday October 3 & 4
Saturday, Sunday October 10 & 11
Part II & III
Friday, Saturday, Sunday October 16, 17 & 18
Saturday, Sunday November 7 & 8
Friday, Saturday, Sunday November 13, 14 & 15

Please contact or call 917-829-3324 for further information on the Supervision and Internship programs, pre-requisites, information on our guest faculty, tuition & registration.
BioDynamic™ Breathwork Practitioner Training TUITION:
Tuition 220 hours: $ 5100
**Limited Partial scholarships are available if applicable.
Plus Costa Rica Aquabreath Special Skills Training 95 hours (optional): $ 1900 December 5-16, 2009
Payments can be made by paypal to -please note credit card payments via paypal will add on 4% transaction charge.
Payments can also be made by check to Energy Of Breath Institute.
Payments can be arranged in three monthly installments, but must be paid in full prior to May 1st, 2009.
Refund policy: Up to 1 month prior to May 1st (by April 1st, 2009): Full tuition refund. Within 1 month prior to May 1st, 2009: 50% tuition refund Following 1st week of Training up to 2nd week: 25% tuition refund After 2nd week: no refund under any circumstances.
WE ALSO OFFER A REFERRAL PROGRAM: You can refer friends, clients, colleagues, and family to our training, and receive $300 for each regristrant. This can go towards your tuition, or else receive a payment from us if you do not sign up for the training yourself. Please also inquire about our group and family rates. Thank you!
We look forward to your participation!

Giten Tonkov and Rohi Custage
Energy Of Breath Institute




BioDynamic Breathwork® is built on new bodywork and specially designed movement techniques we have created, including Breath on the Ball®, and Breakthrough Breath and Dance®. The word BioDynamic means energy flowing through the body, and this training is a unique synthesis of our approaches which ground you in your body, so meditation can flower. Through our bodies we connect to our inner world and to the world around us.

First you experience both strong and gentle bioenergetic movements to get you more present to your body and the energy moving in it. These movements are specifically designed to break through tension and emotion patterns in your body, layer by layer, all the way to your core. Conscious movement also includes many different dance journeys in which you express all types of emotions, energies and stories, and feel all types of sensations. You gain a new sense of yourself through moving in new and creative ways, beyond ideas of what dance is.

We also use Breath on the Ball, a special self-massage technique combined with connected breathing through the mouth. Our bodies store physical tensions originally caused by mental and emotional pain, usually from primal wounds or life traumas. When you roll areas of your body over these balls, and breathe deeply, the memories and emotions come up to the surface so you can release them. You can regulate the pressure on each area where the ball goes. After working with the ball and releasing the physical constrictions and associated emotions, the energy in your body flows more fully. The beauty of this technique is that you get to know your body very well, and see where tension is held, so it can melt.

Through dance movement and breath on the ball you dissolve layers of numbness, and can become present to more subtle physical and emotional experiences. Then the breath sessions -which are the foundation of the training-take on a deeper quality. You experience deeper layers of yourself, and allow deeply suppressed energies and emotions to emerge.




This training is comprised of 16 full-day workshops plus a 12-day optional special skills Costa Rica Breath and Shamanic Experience Retreat. The training is 230 hours, and the special skills is 95 hours of additional training and process work. The training includes session exchange hours, a 21-day meditation process, and individual sessions with us. Participants also attend our Institute evening events, first as participants, and then as supporters of the process, by holding space for the people breathing.

The training is split up into three parts. The first part focuses on grounding work, breath sessions to unlock body armoring, dance processes to integrate the breathwork, body-opening bioenergetic movements, and heart-opening group exercises. We explore past conditioning and process strong emotions.

In the second part, we explore masculine and feminine energies plus right and left sides of the body with Breath on the Ball, and then process what this work brings up through group sharing and self-exploration exercises.



Participants learn how to support each other in breath sessions on and off the ball, guide movement exercises, and hold space for emotional processing. In the second and third part we go through the process of rebirthing on land and in a watsu pool, we explore the issues arising at each stage of the life cycle, from primal wounding to relationship issues, and later on we look at what arises around death, and ultimately experience death as a space of deep meditation. The training concludes with creating space for celebration, stillness, and further expansion into meditation as a way of life.

Throughout the training participants learn about the five Reichian body types and how to work with them in sessions, they learn how to structure an 8-session breathwork series, and they cultivate the space necessary to support clients’ emotional release and ability to go deep into their personal transformation work. They become able to see the parental and cultural conditioning they grew up with, and also become able support clients to explore their own conditioning. Participants heighten their intuitive sense and learn how to be centered in a present and meditative space when working with people. This is the best way in which to sense what is going on with someone at a deep level, beyond mind—and this is how breathwork works so effectively and quickly with clearing life issues.

Beyond becoming trained in this work, participants go through a deep personal development experience; participating in groups can show us deeper aspects of ourselves, reflected to us by others. It is a precious gift to share a deep journey with fellow human beings and connect with others on a vulnerable open level, which includes everything in its rawness. Ultimately, a breathwork practitioner can only take a client as deep as he or she has gone himself or herself in the work.

Also, the BioDynamic Breathwork Training is only complete with the foundation of OSHO’s Active Meditations.




We include the main OSHO Active Meditations throughout our training, which are OSHO Dynamic, OSHO Kundalini, and OSHO Discourse, plus many other meditation techniques. Meditation is the foundation of the entire training and all of our groups. What we are sharing would be incomplete without the space of deep insight and integration afforded by meditation. OSHO Active Meditations, in particular, are a fantastic way to begin a path of meditation, due to including movement of the body to calm the mind. By going into movement and breath first, we can move energy through our bodies, in turn bringing our minds to a place of stillness. With practice we can then move into other meditation techniques such as Vipassana and silent sitting.

Meditation helps the process go deeper, and empowers each individual to rely on himself or herself as a resource. Meditation is at our core, and the exercises we do in the training merely clear the space for its presence.




Yes, this work is mainly body-oriented psychotherapy. We look at the body and mind as one unit, as Osho calls it, the body-mind. Everything is one energy and interrelated. We are both trained therapists, and we utilize techniques that come from a space of going deeper into the body and sensation, rather than an analytical mind approach. We deal with early life and trauma processing, and create situations that are needed in the moment for the group to deepen their experience of themselves. Beyond that, we step aside to allow the natural power of the group and each individual to create transformation, and we hold a safe space for it to happen.

Celebration is an underlying vibe for everything that we do. We nourish a sense of appreciation for life, and also self-love. To us, self-love means total acceptance of everything presenting itself in each moment. All of it is a reflection of how we see ourselves. If we appreciate every angle of our experience, life becomes juicier. This is what we view as real therapy.





We are both musicians and DJs. The type of music and vibrations of the sounds that we pick really can bring people into a fuller experience. As far back as humans can trace, sound and dance have been used world-wide as tools for spiritual journeying and healing. All cultures have strong dance traditions and utilize music and dance as a means of expression, communion, spirituality, meditation, and celebration.

We pay close attention to this aspect of our work. Special pieces of music target specific vibrations and help move particular emotions. The quality of the sound itself is very important to us, as is the totality with which people can be taken over by music and dance. In this way we hold space for our participants to have an alchemical experience, a journey of deep prayer and communion with existence, satori, an experience beyond words.




To prepare, we feel it is great if participants can regularly take our breath-oriented group workshops as well as individual sessions in breath and bodywork. This will help them get familiar with the work and prepare them for this amazing journey. Following the training, beyond starting a breathwork practice, it is ideal for participants to continue exchanging breathwork sessions with fellow students for feedback and skill sharpening, as well as to go deeper into their own personal work.

We hold supervision and follow-up sessions with our graduates as well.

The meditations should be done daily to allow for integration and processing. Ideally, through this training all aspects of life can become a meditation. Through the training participants learn plenty of tools to practice in the "market place", to keep them present and connected with themselves at all times, in all life circumstances.




You become able to contain and transform emotions and memories that come up and to witness your experience rather than go into catharisis and drama. Through breath you build an increasingly larger container for your energy to flow without discharging it through many forms of escaping. You heal traumas from the past and learn how to relate with yourself and others with consciousness. You learn how to communicate with clarity and openness, and how to become heart-centered and vulnerable, with healthy boundaries. You become physically healthier and also free in your body movements, plus you become a beautifully expressive dancer, celebrating life. Creativity flows through you like a hollow bamboo.

The practitioner element means that you learn how to support each other in breath sessions, to guide movement exercises, and to hold space for emotional processing. You learn invaluable skills for working with and relating with others, but not only that—your life transforms. You discover how to harness and welcome the energy you have in order to become creative and joyful in your life, as well as convey this to others. You lead by example, and your energy becomes magnetic. You have more capacity to be present with how things are in each moment in any life situation with yourself and with others, with lessening resistance and without trying to discharge energy or escape. BioDynamic Breathwork is a tantric approach to life and to your body, sensing and receiving with openness. You become a sensual being.




The BioDynamic Breathwork Training has long-lasting effects. Restructuring takes place at a cellular level, which affects all aspects of life. Participants will experience ripple waves, realizations, and processing for a long time after the training is over. There will be deep transformation beyond the mind: vulnerability, learning from others, connectedness, deeper intimacy and openness, seeing and being seen, and opening of the heart. This is a training for life.

For further information about Energy Of Breath Institute and everything we offer, please visit us at ph. 917-829-3324.